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Outdoor towers and flags

The outdoor towers are placed in streets and squares at ground level, and they have enough space to present their design. With 3/4 sides of 1 m by 3 or 4 m high, they use to have really attractive designs depending on the creativity, and they may contain some extra surprising elements. For example, a 3D element, like in some of the examples shown.

Their structure is made in galvanized tube, in which printed canvas with UVI ink in high resolution are installed. They are ballasted to enable security in public roadways.

The self-supporting fabric flags we offer are structures of 7 meters high with upper mobile strength for fabric flags of 90 x 400 cm in sublimation printing. Their pyramidal base is ballasted to be used in open spaces and it is totally user-adjustable. They are perfect for big open spaces or own open spaces.

We offer rental service for outdoor towers and flags.

They are used in Street Marketing / Events
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