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Fabric Print

A new generation of visual elements for window-dressing, visual merchandising, presentation of product for fairs and communication at the point of sale that offers a great printing quality, complete definition of the images and perfect reproduction of dark colours.

Sunditex is composed of a light aluminium or wooden frame in which to easily and quickly assembly a digital print in high resolution on fabrics, made with perimeter silicon cord.
Very easy to replace thanks to its manufacturing and assembly system, Sunditex can be adapted to all the needs of the retail sector: fix elements to decorate shops, support to communicate campaigns or promotions in chain stores; back shop windows, one or two sided light boxes, decorative elements for stands, to hang on the wall or self-supporting.
Frames can be lacquered in every color of the RAL range


BASIC FRAME 1.2 cm thick No thick limit. Maximum high 300. To install on the wall.

STANDARD FRAME 2.5 cm thick. To support in surface or install on the wall. No wide limit with a max. of 300 cm.

DOUBLE-SIDED FRAME5 cm thick. Up to 800 x 300 cm. Double-sided image. To support on surface or base. To make photocall-like structures. Possibility of creating structures composed of different sides and elements, like counters and stands.


FRAME LIGHT TEX Frame with backlight of 3.8 cm Maximum size120 x 280. Lighting through optical methacrylate sheet with perimeter leds and external transformer. To install on a wall, a piece of furniture or plv.

LIGHT BOX 7 Light box of 7 cm With led curtain in both sides With rear part of white pvc. Internal transformers.
Maximum size of 200 x 200. To install on a wall, a piece of furniture or plv.

LIGHT BOX DE 10 AND 18 Double sided light box 10 o 18 cm thick Lighting through led curtain in both sides Internal transformers. To install on the wall or self-supporting. Self-supporting maximum size for 10 cm of 400 x 250 Self-supporting maximum size for 18 cm 600 x 280. To install on the wall maximum of 300 cm on one side. Possibility of back leed double image or rear part of opaque textile.
They are used in Retail / Events
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