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8:30, Sundisa. Botánica Street. A day like any other…

Mercedes rushes downstairs to talk to Kike before he leaves. The vans are loaded up. She wants to check some last-minute details on the World Mobile Congress setting up at the Port Vell. She will join the team at noon to supervise the installation. Matias and his team are finishing the aluminium frames for El Corte Inglés backlights that Elisabeth is waiting for, while Antonio, at pre-press, gives a last touch to the creative of the Seat canvas, many square meters, for the Passeig de Gràcia façade, that Josep will print in the Durst 512. Eduard hangs up the phone and jumps on the motorcycle. He must bring together with the client the ideal location of all the elements for the next CSIO. Joan is just finishing the cut of the last Mango vinyl in the plotter, while Luis, at the dispatch desk, checks with Laura which would be the perfect packaging for the Desigual frameworks. We could also tell you what Alex, Sergi, Víctor, Imma, Elisabet, Yolanda, Isabel or the others are doing…

However, the important point is that you realise that we all work hard for you. We are a professional team prepared to develop your idea. We can use a 60 meters crane to dress the Colón statue with a shirt, or to throw ourselves down onto the ground to stick the vinyl in the swimming pool for the Swimming World Championship. We spare no efforts; we take a great pleasure in work well done. Every project is different, every day a challenge. And we like it that way.

Our headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid allow us to work at country level.

Meet our client service team:

  • Joan Rovira

    Presidente ejecutivo. Desde 1981 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Mª Carmen Martínez

    Project Manager. Desde 2020 en Sundisa.Linkedin

  • Lluís Rovira

    Consejero Delegado. Desde 1981 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Rosa Pou

    Account Manager Girona. Desde 2017 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Rubén Díaz

    Account Executive. Desde 2015 en Sundisa

  • Eduard Juvé

    Account Manager. Desde 2001 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Laura López

    Project Manager. Desde 2018 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Rafael Rovira

    Account Manager. Desde 1981 en Sundisa.Linkedin

  • Fernando Silos

    Director General en Madrid. Desde 2008 en Sundisa. Linkedin

  • Mercedes Piedralba

    Coordinadora de grandes cuentas. En Sundisa desde 2017. Linkedin

  • Elisabeth Missé

    Asistente Dirección. En Sundisa desde 1990. Linkedin

  • Isabel Roch

    Asistente Dirección. En Sundisa desde 1996. Linkedin

  • Marc Montenegro Grau

    Gestor Comercial. En Sundisa desde 2018. Linkedin